AND Welcome the New

April 1st, 2018

It’s that time again where one season begins to let go, grasping to hold on a bit longer, and another tiptoes into its full expression. For me, the joy of watching seasons change every year is a gift of the climate in which I live.

Long after my friends in the South report the blooming of pear trees and cherry blossoms, we, in the North, are still shoveling snow. This year the nor’easters, storms so labeled because they bring fierce winds and higher tides from the northeast, have been showing up as uninvited guests each week of March. Their tenacity reminds us that no calendar divined by humans will ever direct Mother Nature in terms of when and how she arrives.

The storms, flooding, snow, and winds have been unusually strong. AND each time, the snow melts more quickly and the skiers run to the hills for those last great spring skiing runs before the melt produces patches of grass on the slopes. Spring temperatures are seeping in where they are able. We still awaken to below freezing temperatures. The difference is that they are giving in more regularly to more moderate temps by midday, a sure sign that the new season is winning the day.

How much nature has to teach us, if only we are willing students! Change occurs gradually over time, usually below our awareness and beyond our conscious attention. We only notice when something gets big enough to disrupt our expected and unconscious patterns of behavior that have been working for the season we have been living.

As we enter different seasons in our lives, we often try to hold on to the departing season of familiar ways, under the illusion that we are in some kind of control of how life unfolds. What would be possible if we could step back and observe what is happening while it is happening?

What is possible when we greet change as an invited guest and remember to still treat it as a guest, acknowledging that it has arrived, welcome or not? We might just rediscover a child’s fascination with small changes, unique moments, and newness, greeting each with fascination rather than fear.

Life happens. If we are lucky enough to be alive to greet it, then we get to choose whether we will attempt to resist, futile effort or embrace with fascination whatever unfolds. By remembering the joys of discovery of a child with fresh eyes, we are in a position to celebrate each season, gently thank the one leaving for the gifts and lessons, AND welcome the new.

Happy Spring

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