AND Rise to Your Potential

April 8th, 2018

In many ways, we are bombarded with signs of institutional failure and decay. I am not convinced that decay and decomposition of old outmoded systems that we unconsciously cling to is a bad thing. Nevertheless, unless we are clearly committed in our hearts to who we want to be and how we will greet what life brings, we leave ourselves open to fear and despair, when it might be a great time instead for creativity and hope.

Like old buildings whose facades are crumbling before our eyes, the facades of our large systems are being exposed for the ways they have operated that create and sustain inequity in our world. We see more clearly political gamesmanship and allocations of resources that serve old power networks instead of the people. Institutional racism and sexism are coming to light in our businesses in terms of hiring and management practices, as well as inequities in compensation and promotion opportunities. We are more privy to witnessing opportunities reserved for the privileged few and inaccessible to the wider swath of employees.

In other words, the old systems that need to support diversity, wider perspectives, and varying life experiences to grow and thrive will need to collapse so that a new order can be born and thrive. Many younger workers are insisting on priorities that value people, profit, and planet equally. They demand more purpose-driven work that serve people and planetary needs over pure dollar profit. AND the possibilities are endless for each of us to step up and reorganize our energy, talents, and passions to serve at ever higher levels of contribution and joy.

At this point in time, these opportunities to create anew are not shared equally by all. Old patterns die slowly. Some will be allowed to hang on, like dying leaves on trees, while others let go and use those now freed up energies and talents to rise like the phoenix from the ashes. Words such as awakening and enlightened are more commonplace as we look to what we want to create together.

Every person on the planet has the potential inside to evolve into the next highest level of human potential. Some will get stuck hanging onto the old. For all who are ready, this spring could be a time of new birth and fresh buds, a time of growth and fresh starts. It takes courage to let go of what no longer works and have faith that our hearts can lead us in more compassionate, creative, and inclusive ways.

AND it is time for all who are ready to light the way to take our place, AND rise to our fuller potential. AND it is something we choose to do one-by-one together. Rise up.

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