AND Greet the New With Curiosity

March 11th, 2018

I was thinking about uncertainty. None of us knows what will happen in life because life just happens. Yet, we are taught from childhood to plan for every eventuality so we are ready for whatever happens.

That frame of mind creates an illusion that it is reasonable to expect that certain things will or will not happen. For some, it leads a value for control…another illusion. AND in the context of these illusions, we create expectations of others, learn roles and scripts that we play out over time, and lose the delight and curiosity of children who approach life with fresh eyes and openness to whatever happens.

I wonder how much stress we could just leave at the doorstep if we stopped resisting the uncertainty of life AND treated whatever comes as a curiosity? We might drop the illusion that we control how events unfold. We might use our energy to show up for life’s unfolding with a stargazer’s eyes of discovery and a search for beauty.

We might create an awareness that if we do not expect ourselves to be in control, then we are free to bring the best of who we are to greet whatever comes. AND we might trust that who we are is enough whenever we show up as our best selves.

We are perfectly capable of figuring out how to respond in the moment. We could learn to expect only that life will keep unfolding and we get to be present. AND we just might create the space in our world for everyone to bring her or his gifts to contribute in meaningful ways. Competition for who is the best or who is the favorite would have no meaning.

As we learn to reallocate our resources so that everyone has a chance, and we learn to create more equitable communities and workplaces, let’s remember that everyone has the magic inside. AND because life is uncertain, nothing can be known for sure until it happens. And spending time worrying about the future that may never happen robs us of the delight of discovering what is possible for each of us in the present moment.

So what would it take to embrace uncertainty AND do so with a sense of curiosity and possibility?

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