AND Celebrate That We See

March 25th, 2018

The lens through which we view the world really does taint what we see. We have all heard of “pink colored glasses” being used to describe the incurable optimist. The choice to be happy means pausing to find something to be happy about, even when the new is not positive. Our state of health can taint our view of what is possible and worth doing. And of course, we react to what we see. The chain of actions that follow is a reminder of the power of perspective, distance to get clear, and the conscious intention we hold to see (or not) what is there, rather than what we want to be there.

I have spoken to a number of clients this week whose worlds have been jolted by events in their organizations that deeply affected them. In some cases, the community they reached out to create helped them to buoy the feelings of loss they shared. In others, they began to confront stories they have told themselves about their workplace and the people in it that were shattered by unexpected events.

In all cases, with a pause to reflect, each person dug more deeply into her or his own personal experience and feelings. In so doing, they began to allow themselves to reach a deeper truth and connect with a voice of compassion and action within them, a voice of leadership for the values for which they would stand.

In one organization, the support for loss in one leader’s life brought back memories shared, treasured times, and a sense of deep sympathy for their leader’s personal loss. In at least two others, the individuals felt their own loss, awakening to a truth they have long felt, and a desire to connect with and be supported by others in allowing them to clarify how they want to respond. In still another case, the perspective was filtered through more distance and therefore, less personal pain.

In all cases, when the story we have been told by those in power, adopted, or wanted to believe is shattered, we are faced with our own feelings of loss, anger, or some other emotion. And for those who pause to separate what they had been telling themselves or what they wanted to believe, and search for what is true, there is a time for healing and creativity to take the actions that feel true and called for, even if uncomfortable.

When we choose to find our true self and voice, to live into our joy, then the lens through which we view the world reminds us to be grateful. We may not always be grateful for what we see. We do have the opportunity to celebrate that we see. AND finding the courage to acknowledge what our experience is, regardless of what we have been told, equips us to find resilience, freedom, and healing. AND every context of life will benefit from people who live from that perspective.

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