AND Trust the Process

January 7th, 2018

As I reflected on the events of 2017, I relied on the yearly summaries produced by local news stations to jog my memory. One event stood out as a reminder to have faith in the process of life itself to unfold completely AND to greet each event with curiosity and wonder. That event that triggered this insight was the solar eclipse.

Compared to political events, fires and storms, health care dysfunction, acts of terrorism, and the unwinding of years of sexual misconduct by many in power, the eclipse was greeted with exuberance, anticipation, curiosity, and celebration. Yet, in many ways the eclipse could be seen as any of the other events named.

All have been described as without sunlight, evidence of dark times. All point to deeper patterns and structures working in our world and lives that we may not have been aware of in the past. All were covered for extended periods of time by all sorts of media. All involved the creation of stories and side stories that evolved over time, in order to reach wider audiences. AND if we look at how the eclipse was viewed in earlier historical periods, it, too, was often greeted with fear and suspicion when the meaning of the event and its underlying patterns and structure were a mystery.

If we trusted the process of life more and looked for underlying causes based on our experience and outside data, we might be able to respond to the other events with curiosity and less fear as well. We might be able to recognize when we are experiencing a longer term change that might be in our best interest, although the initial phases are unfamiliar and mysterious to us. Our faith that the universe is in control and we are not could support feeling free to look for opportunities and respond with wiser perspective.

It has been suggested that what we call natural disasters are actually the result of the values employed to make decisions and allocate resources. How do the building codes and materials used in different parts of the world and country affect the number of people at risk for storm damage and loss of life? How are fires supported by decisions regarding pollution and other policies related to toxins released into the environment?

The opioid crisis is not about weak people. Structures that perpetuate dependency on drugs can be found in our government and health care systems. What values are driving our decisions and whose interests are fed by the way we regulate food sources, drugs, and pesticides?

If we were to step back and ask questions, without focusing on protecting those in power, we might learn together how we can create healthier systems and restore confidence that we can figure things out.

The eclipse of light and total darkness during the daytime was greeted with fanfare, fascination, and celebration. What might we be able to achieve in 2018, if we fear less and seek deeper understanding? The eclipse was quick. We could experience the entire process within a matter of minutes. The unraveling of old ways of operating is much longer. When we only experience the unraveling without knowing where the ending will be, we can either look more closely to determine the opportunity in underlying structures dying in order to create more growth in the direction of our vision, or respond with fear and anxiety. Faith that all is in process only requires that we stay awake and intentional. Not a bad way to approach the coming year…AND much more uplifting.

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