AND It Is What It Is

January 28th, 2018

He greets each day humming, as he rises the first time to take a blood pressure pill. After checking the temperature outside, he saunters back to his room, humming all the way, and settles in for another few hours of sleep.

A self-described happy camper, he greets whatever happens each day with an intention to celebrate all the goodness in life.  AND he lives by a simple mantra: it is what it is. This wise teacher lives simply. His priorities in life center on meals, conversations, and gatherings shared with family and friends. His social calendar is packed and yet he doesn’t rush any part of life.

He chooses to be happy and finds his joy in laughter, moments of surprise that tickle him, reflections on the past, and conversations with family and friends. AND as a result, he is a delight to be around and a light for those who want to feel good, and look for the positive in this world.

His ability to accept life, however it comes, including loss of friends and family, is directly related to his attitude about who he wants to be, faith that things happen that he cannot control, and a sense of where he wants to invest his energy. He chooses consciously not to engage some topics. He laughs at his own misadventures. AND he finds the fun in making soup for his friends, enjoying musical events, and meals.

This amazing teacher will turn ninety-one this week, and to me he is as alive and vibrant as ever. Age is only a number for him. He accepts what life brings and responds with an affirmation that he is a happy camper…AND that life is what it is.

For all that you share and the blessing you are, I am eternally grateful, Dad.

Happy Birthday

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