AND Free Your Mind

January 21st, 2018

Sometimes I find that I am talking to myself long after decisions that make no sense to me have been made. The injustice that we create in our own heads, based on expectations we have about how life should unfold, which decisions should be made, and the like, can disconnect us from the joy that is waiting for us when we let go of the dialogue in our heads.

Sometimes letting go means writing a response to something, taking a stand, and then putting it behind us. Sometimes, it means facing our own egos and realizing that we are writing the stories that cast us as the heroes who know how life should happen, thereby feeding anxiety and frustration about decisions and circumstances we do not control. And sometimes it just means that we need to breathe and remember what kind of life we want to live and how we want to show up.

We tie ourselves up analyzing things without recognizing how limited our perspective is. Instead of greeting whatever happens with curiosity, we often lock down, withdraw, and begin the inner dialogue that makes us the victim of an unconscious world. And we miss the wisdom that others might offer or insights that come from people and positions different from our own.

Joy is within reach of any person who chooses to seek it. It takes no outside circumstances to find a place of peace and happiness deep within ourselves. What it does require is a conscious intention to greet life with a child’s wonder, an adult’s lived-experience, an openness to understanding without judging, and a lightness of being.

Freeing the mind happens when we look squarely at the thoughts we are feeding and how we feel when we are having these conversations with ourselves. We control where we invest our mind’s focus. And we control where we focus our energy. And the world will be better for our choice to choose joy, and to show up fully alive in whatever context or circumstances we find ourselves.

The concept is simple. The practice is not. It takes a passionate commitment, a sense of purpose, and a knowing that our lives are most fulfilled when we choose to live consciously. So feed the light AND free the mind.

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