Entry 443 AND Find the Beauty in Each Moment

December 24th, 2017

The barrenness of winter in New England offers a stillness that other seasons don’t offer. Because each branch stands bare, abandoned by the colors that once filled it, the unique form of each branch stands out. AND the space created by the absence of leaves allows us to peer beyond.

Houses appear off the road that used to be hidden by greenery. The reminder that what we meet on initial impact is not the full picture serves as an invitation to look deeper, to look within, to seek beyond. There is even more beauty to behold.

In a conversation with a friend whose family evacuated their home because of the CA fire, I found the same message to look beyond what is lost again. She had time to prepare before leaving and came to the clear realization that the things in her home did not matter to her. She knew she and her family would be safely welcomed into another home to sit out the evacuation.

AND in that evacuation, she focused on others in her community also affected by the fire. After hearing the offer to stay in another’s home, she welcomed a woman living alone who also felt alone to join her and her family, thereby creating a deeper sense of community and caring. AND when the neighbors of the host house realized that guest occupants were there because of the fire, they brought food. And the sharing of gifts and outpouring of care encircled the whole community and continued after they returned to their respective homes.

Sometimes loss, on any level, is an invitation to look deeper and see beyond to all that we have. Sometimes the barrenness in life is an opening to recognize the richness and abundance within and around us. AND we are reminded that, at the core, people are good, want to help, and are buoyed by the love of others.

As we celebrate our respective holidays, Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanza, may we remember to look beyond what appears barren in our individual and collective worlds to discover the deep care, love, and light in ourselves and each other. And may we both seek and find the beauty in our world.

Merry Christmas

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