AND Stand in Your Light

December 3rd, 2017

As the seasons transition from fall to winter, the bright gold and red leaves wither and fall from the trees. The once glorious colors of fall fade. Some lament their loss. Others wait with wonder for what the coming season will present. Either way, the same patterns repeat themselves continuously, as the seasons change.

In the season of now, whatever life is supported, flourishes. AND so, as we enter a time of barren trees and colorless bushes, the balsam, evergreen, stands out. Ever present the fir trees remain green. Yet, in their season of spotlight, they seem to shine brighter and smell even better.

The pine tree is chosen for its greenery to host myriad lights, garland, and other decorations in celebration of Christmas. This tree, that stands tall, provides shade in the summer, branches for birds’ nests in spring and fall, and color in a sometimes-bleak canvas, in the winter.

Like the evergreen, we have the opportunity to stand tall in our light in every season of life. This doesn’t mean that all seasons bring spotlight and celebration. Sometimes we become a quiet place for reflection of others’ gifts. At other times, we stand out. The seasons of our life bring out different strengths and gifts.

All we are asked to do is to bring the best of who we are to the season of now AND stand in our light. AND now is the season to turn on the lights and shine.

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