AND Let Others Know

December 17th, 2017

In November, my aunt and I went to see featured exhibits at a beautiful children’s museum in Massachusetts, called The Eric Carle Museum of Children’s Picture Book Art. The exhibits were spectacular. They included a celebration of fifteen years of illustrators affiliated with the museum and another wonderful children’s interactive exhibit on the moon and night sky. We found such delight in the exhibits that we may as well have been four year olds exploring for the first time.

As we pause to celebrate the holidays with gift giving, I find myself grateful for the care and thoughtfulness of those doing work in this world to bring delight and beauty to others. The exhibit at the Carle was clearly reflective of a caring staff, committed to creating special experiences for children (of all ages) who visit. The tone was upbeat and exploratory, educational, and encouraging. Everyone could find something fascinating to explore. Anyone could have fun.

The experience caused me to reflect on the work of those behind the scenes, those we usually don’t get to meet. The people behind the scenes don’t often get to know what a difference they make in others’ lives. They just do what they do, offer their creations, and trust that others will find pleasure in them. There are always people out front who appear to be in charge or responsible. Yet, we all know that the work is done by many more nameless, dedicated, and caring people.

Perhaps a gift each of us might consider giving this holiday season is the gift of expressing gratitude and appreciation to those behind the scenes. A simple note of thanks or holiday card acknowledging appreciation for what others have worked to create can light up their lives and return the gift.

We hear enough about misdeeds on the news these days. Let’s make this a season of celebration of good deeds, of ways that others provide light in our lives. AND let’s make sure that we let them know directly how special they and their contributions are in our world.

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