AND May We Offer Thanks

November 19th, 2017

As we begin the week of Thanksgiving, one of the least commercial and most deeply appreciated holidays in the American calendar, may we pause to mindfully inventory all for which we are grateful. The pause in our daily lives on this one day reminds us to reflect deeply on the people, experiences, and other sources of nourishment that give our lives meaning.

Nourishment can come in many forms. Food for the soul may be kind words, a shared greeting, beautiful sunrise, or moment of stillness. Light, love, and gentle embrace all nourish the heart. The absence of nourishment may cause anything from food insecurity and starvation on a physical level to emptiness, loneliness, and shrinking of the brilliant light in each of us.

For all that brings us a sense of purpose, may we be thankful.

For all that warms our heart, may we feel joy.

For all that nourishes the highest and best of who we are here to be, may we be grateful.

AND may we pause, step back, and notice what nourishes those whom we love. In doing so, may we step into our grace and extend to them what allows them to know how much we appreciate and love them for who they are, as well as what they do.

In a world often characterized by scarcity, hoarding, and mindless robbing of our own and others’ strengths and gifts by ego games and mindless behavior, Thanksgiving offers respite and nourishment, AND the reminder to be grateful for all we have.

May we be aware of the abundance of beauty and love in each other this Thanksgiving. May we celebrate the joy of giving and the gift of sharing with the special people in our lives. AND may we send love to those less fortunate.

I am grateful to family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors for the gift of your presence in my life. AND I wish you the most nurturing Thanksgiving ever.

Happy Thanksgiving

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