AND Go with the Flow

November 12th, 2017

A friend of mine once ordered her son a flute to be made by a Native American. The flute was to be a Christmas present. When the gift still hadn’t arrived and the holiday was approaching, she made a call to the artisan making the flute. The flute arrived on time for the holiday.

The son, upon receiving the gift, immediately began to play. Not long after, the flute cracked and my friend again called the artisan. Upon explaining the crack in the flute to the Native American, my friend was told, “I guess the wood did not want to be a flute.”

There is something in this story that reminds all of us of situations where we worked against our grain to meet time deadlines in order to create or produce something. Often, the product was not what we had hoped it would be. Often the process was difficult, lacking ease. AND yet we forced ourselves to produce what was required in order to meet a deadline.

I have read that time is the enemy of the heart. Nature moves at a pace that we, humans, often override, in order to consider ourselves productive, prove ourselves worthy, or otherwise satisfy others. We get out of sorts as we shortchange sleep, exercise, and a desire to move at a pace that doesn’t match the speed required of us, in order to meet the constraints imposed by time deadlines.

Our relationship with time is often one of limiting ourselves, of ignoring what the circumstances favor, and of forcing something we truly don’t want. What would happen if we believed that we have enough time in life for what matters most to us? What would happen if we paused to ask what our heart wants instead of making ourselves behave in ways that override who we want to be and the gifts we are here to bring?

As the wood that did not want to be a flute, who would we be if we were not so overscheduled and preoccupied with how we spend our time? If we were aligned with the pace of life itself, as well as the rhythm of our nature, how could we tap into beauty, ease, and light more?

Working against the grain only creates strain. Going with the flow by paying attention to what our heart supports in any situation just might create the brilliance the world needs from each of us.

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