AND Spend Your Energy Wisely

October 22nd, 2017

Have you noticed how important AND is these days?  Remembering to live from and and not but is critical to tapping into a healthy perspective on life itself and our place in it. What I mean by this is simply that our news is no longer much about news or what many of us deem important. As correspondents chase every distraction without thoughtfully asking about relevance to people and the world, as we also learn of weather-related and other human disasters, we find ourselves distracted and barraged with negativity.

AND as we focus on stories of harassment, terrorism, pain and suffering, and the like our ability to remember the goodness and kindness so many experience on a daily basis gets buried. The stories that we find in our social media, television, internet, and other means of digital connection reflect only some of what is going on. Where are the stories of people helping one another after the wildfires and hurricanes?

What we often fail to notice, when we don’t explicitly search out what good is also going on, is that we unconsciously react with fear, anger, resistance, and other emotions and in doing so unwittingly feed the picture of a world we say we do not want. What is the alternative?

Remember that what we see and read may be true, may be someone’s exaggeration or fake news, AND whatever it is, we are not obliged to feed into it. The more we can say, “Yes, that may be true AND I choose to focus my energy, time, and talent on…”

We have control of how we respond to situations. We can unconsciously support negativity and divisiveness, labels, anger and fear. We can use our energy to fight those things, which only feeds them more and keeps these stories and emotions the focus of our attention, OR…

We can choose to decide what is important to us, acknowledge what is going on around us, AND build the world we want to live in. If our priority in life is to treat people kindly, then we get to acknowledge what is going on and refocus attention on where and how we can bring kindness. If our focus is love, light, creativity, or something else, we only need to remember to feed those dreams and values with our energy and attention.

Our individual energy, thoughts, and attention matter. We can do more than we imagine when we stop resisting what is and focus our attention on building what we want to create. Together we will amplify the goodness that is also prevalent. The return on investment will be significantly more valuable when we remember to reclaim our energy from unwanted drains on us. AND spend our energy wisely.

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