AND Choose to Support Brilliance

October 8th, 2017

I love the autumn colors. The trees show up in their most beautiful colors, much to the delight of leaf peepers. The onset of cool crisp nights, after warm sunny days, supports the changing showcase of color each day.

One other critical nutrient in the process is rain. Without enough rain, the leaves fade and wither before they can show up in their full splendor. They are still beautiful, although understated in their brilliance and boldness. This is one of those years when we have not have had enough rain to feed the leaves in their process. AND the resulting muting of potentially brilliant color has me thinking.

How much do the leaves teach us about nurturing whatever supports the highest expression of who we can be? When, because of extenuating circumstances over which we have little to no control, does our brilliance become muted?

Unlike the trees, we are not immobile. If the nutrients that feed our highest selves are missing in any given relationship or environment, we have the ability to shift those relationships or find a more supportive and nurturing environment that nurtures the best expression of our light. It is our willingness to do so that stops us.

Either because we are too attached to our expectations about how the world and other people in our lives should be or because we tell ourselves a story about limited choices, we elect to fade rather than shining. AND while we may still shine light and add beauty wherever we are, we are not bringing the brilliance we are capable of bringing when we commit to only support the highest and best in ourselves and others.

Our world needs the brightest light we can shine from each of us these days. Let’s make sure we are making whatever choices are ours to make to feed, nurture, and support our individual and collective light.

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