AND Celebrate the Mystery

October 29th, 2017

Have you ever stopped to notice the parallels between Halloween and the times in which we live? I was playing with the connections and offer a few to get you started here:

Halloween is celebrated in the dark of night. The whole concept of the holiday is about everything spooky. Definite parallel to our world today and the challenges we face, no?

Trick or treating happens in neighborhoods where children seek something sweet. The people in the house visited either offer a treat or turn off its lights to signal they don’t want to play. One parallel we might draw from this situation is that people who want to give something to others, want to share in a child’s delight, and want to play, have their lights on. We all have the opportunity to find fun and share in special moments when we shine our lights.

Worlds of goblins and witches, spirits and ghosts are either found to be scary and something to be avoided, or mysterious and intriguing. How different is that from how we approach each day? Although none of us can know the future with any certainty, we tend to think of uncertainty as somehow threatening and scary. Instead of welcoming the mysterious, we often go about trying to control our worlds, seeking predictability in a world of uncertainty.

Halloween is a time of choosing who we want to pretend to be. Costumes are bought or created to facilitate our adventure in becoming someone or something other than what we are. Masks are used to hide our identity. If only, we were so obvious and direct about the masks we wear every day, when we put on our costumes and masks and pretend to be someone we aren’t for the approval and satisfaction of others!

Halloween provides a reason to smile and celebrate, to play, and to reconnect with the child in each of us. People carve or decorate pumpkins, hang ghosts on trees or witches on doors, and some celebrate with lights and blowup Halloween monsters and skeletons in their yard. The dark night and decorations invite us all to enjoy the holiday AND to celebrate the unknown and scary with laughter and fun.

Happy Halloween!

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