AND Welcome the New

September 10th, 2017

On a recent drive through the back roads, I noticed a few bright red leaves appearing on the trees. Early harbingers of autumn, they signal the change of seasons in progress. AND I marvel at the consistency of Mother Nature.

As the long summer days begin to decline and the nights grow longer, the temperatures begin to shift. The warm sunny days are often followed by the cooler nights that characterize a New England autumn. They began to appear in the past few weeks and grow stronger each week.

The birds began swarming on the beach last week, as they prepare to leave colder climates for warmer winters in more southern locales. AND I paused to notice how nature signals the changes to come.

Just as the changes in our lives often go unnoticed until they are big enough to get our attention (kind of like hair growing a little every day until one day a haircut is in order), the trees and wildlife have been preparing for the new season for days and weeks. We humans are often oblivious to the small changes, fussing only when change affects our lives, as we have arranged them.

Nature’s changes are continuous. AND when we begin to recognize that one season always makes way for another to enter, we can begin to recognize that holding onto what has lived its purpose is useless and sometimes painful, we can learn to be more open to what comes. We can begin to look for the magic in what is new AND recognize each new experience as an and.

What is new does not disvalue what has come before. It arrives in addition to what has preceded it. And we have to let go of one season in order to welcome the new one. AND once the new one is fully in place and we become used to it, the next one will begin to announce its arrival.

Each season in nature, as the seasons in our lives, brings something new. AND if our arms are not burdened down by trying to hold onto what was, we will more easily and gracefully embrace and find new adventures in what is new.

Here’s to a magical autumn.

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