AND Trust the Inner Barometer to Light the Way

September 24th, 2017

So many of our large systems today are collapsing or failing under the weight of old leadership styles and lack of diversity at the top. From businesses and universities to health systems, the Equifax breech, and others, we can see the cost of not thinking together about complex problems and allowing ourselves to create new ways of operating in the world.

In an atmosphere of unconscious standards where bigger is better and money rules the bottom line, many people are lost trying to find a place where they feel seen, valued, and able to contribute in meaningful ways. When fear rules, we default to control, the old familiar ways, and conventional thinking about what matters.

AND nothing could threaten our vitality, joy, creativity, and ease with whatever life presents us than giving our power to outside voices to tell us who we are and what is special about us. These times might be just the impetus needed to cause us to ask what really matters to us.

AND the answer has to pass the heart test, not the pleasing-to-those-whose-approval-we- seek test. The heart test is when you make a declarative statement about something that is true for you and your heart swells, you feel warm, and every muscle in your body smiles. The opposite is tension, stress, tight chest, clenched jaw and the like, because what you are trying to tell yourself is simply not true…and every cell in your body knows it.

The only yardstick that matters for who we become in life and what gives us meaning is inside each of us. No other person and nothing outside—not titles, salary, fancy cars,…—can connect us with our truth. The one who needs to approve of who we become, the choices we make, and the ways we invest our precious life force and gifts is us.

AND when each of us decides what we value and actually chooses to make those values and desires our measures for life satisfaction, then we are recognizing that life is not something to be controlled (as if we could control it anyway) or delegated to others to tell us what to do and who to be and whether we are good enough to belong. It is time to let whatever is collapsing around us do so. Our energies are needed to create a new world, new way of being, and new way of greeting each day. It is time to let go of the old ways that we hold onto out of fear of uncertainty.

When we choose from the heart and bring our light to the world, the possibilities open and the light illuminates all sorts of new opportunities. AND the inner guidance of the heart is all we need to create a healthy outlook and reclaim our own light. Then we are ready to celebrate diverse insights and welcome the new with open arms because we are not afraid to truly see and embrace ourselves and others who are different from us.

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