AND Look to the Heart for Courage

September 17th, 2017

I was thinking about what it takes to live with courage in our times. The word courage comes from the French word coeur, meaning heart. Living from the heart would require us to respond to people and situations in our world with compassion, rather than judgment.

We would need to pause to connect with love and light, rather than judging others harshly. We would be willing to see the pain and suffering of those fleeing their countries and homes of abuse and tyranny, or dealing with the devastation of homes and communities after storms and earthquakes. And we would actually want to reach out and help where we could, with empathy and kindness.

I believe our natural state is to care about others, to want to love and offer help. Only through our own pain, do we ignore, judge harshly, or otherwise turn away from others who are less fortunate. In other words, intolerance and hardening of hearts are learned.

And it’s time to unlearn those responses by looking inward to heal whatever wounds block kindness and love from being our natural responses. Greed has no place in a world where there is enough for everyone, if we are not attached to how much we take first. When we begin to acknowledge we are all in this world together AND we rise and fall collectively, will we begin to choose the courageous life.

The path of courage might mean examining who we have become and whether we like the qualities that define us today. It might mean acknowledging work we do that is draining, unfulfilling, or disconnecting us from our humanity. It might mean living with uncertainty, trusting that our heart will know the way when we let go of all we have been told about who we should be, how much money we should make, and where we should live. And it might mean making the changes that align our choices and behaviors with the wisdom of our heart.

Facing each day with optimism that we can discover beauty, contribute joyfully, and heal ourselves and others might just require courage. AND courage is within the reach of every one of us, if we are open. AND the world will shine brighter for each person who chooses to live from the heart, embrace love, and share the light with others. AND this is something we can do, if we choose.

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