AND Celebrate Those Who Labor

September 3rd, 2017

I love this time of year when the beaches go quiet, the shore birds run freely, and the warm days give way to cool nights. As we greet the new season, Labor Day presents itself as a kind of unofficial mark of the end of summer and the beginning of fall. AND Labor Day is a good time to reflect on those who labor daily to provide for their families, care for others, teach a new generation of future leaders, and generally make life special for those they serve.

One of the people who stands out for me is a wonderful woman who works very early hours at a bakery in a local seaside town. She is always smiling, and willing to play with me by joking about the calories in the delicious goods and the miles needed to walk them off. People like her remind all of us that we build communities together with warm greetings, playful banter, and an appreciation for what each other does to make the day a little more fun, and the connection more personal.

In whatever line of work each of us chooses to do in the world, whether paid or not, Labor Day is a great time to see the people who do the work that can be hard, thankless, not well compensated, and often overlooked. It’s a great time to see those who choose to do work that holds meaning for them and allows them to make a contribution to something bigger than themselves. It’s a great time to recognize the contributions that each person makes to our communities and neighborhoods.

How we labor and towards what end make more difference in the end than job titles and pay grades. Our work says a lot about who we are and what we value. Labor Day and the beginning of a new season are a great time to see the people behind the roles and greet them with gratitude for who they are and what they bring every day.

Here’s to a beautiful season of shared connections and renewed community, celebration of the work we have the opportunity to do, and the laborers who together create great experiences for those they serve every day.

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