AND Make Each Moment Special

August 27th, 2017

The convergence of the solar eclipse with market opportunities to sell glasses and memorabilia and people’s desperation to share in something special with people we love created the perfect storm for us to celebrate something positive together. The opportunity presented itself. People saw what the opportunity could be, prioritized it in their calendars, and made the moment special.

AND the solar eclipse was going to occur whether we paused to notice it or not. So… Now might be a good time to pause. What would we create together if we devoted the same kind of attention to looking for and finding what is special every day? In every shared “hello”? In every conversation? In every sunrise?

The miracle of life shows itself in small gestures, warm smiles, and gentle breezes, as well as in the over-the-top events. Do we see what is special in the everyday moments as well as in the clearly unusual and less frequent occurrences in our lives? Our ability to galvanize our energy to create positive shared experiences where the experience is bigger than any one of us is always present. What will we do to recognize what is special in the small and seemingly usual moments of each day?

When we focus on something bigger than ourselves, we come together in our shared humanity. Frailties and minor nuisances pale in comparison to the special moments shared. We focus on what is magical, momentary, and will not ever occur again in exactly the same way. We remember the connection. We forget what divides us.

Every moment is an opportunity to find and celebrate what is special. How much light could we shine in this world if we chose to make each moment special? Let’s not wait for the next eclipse in 2024. The time is now.

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