AND Just One Is Enough to Light the Way

August 13th, 2017

The monarch butterflies used to alight on the ocean and stop at my house on their migration path. A few years ago that all changed. Something changed in their migration path and we are lucky, in any given year, to get one to return.

Yesterday, I noticed two beautiful monarchs in the garden next door. They each lingered on a tall flower long enough for me to pause and watch them. Their beauty is undeniable and the smile they bring unmistakable.

AND I found myself thinking about how each of us can do the same thing wherever we find ourselves in any given moment. We don’t need a crowd to make someone’s day or bring a smile to another’s face. One shining light is enough to bring hope to any dark circumstances.

So, in these times where violence is the message of our news, a gentle light shining wherever it enjoys being is a gift. AND every one of us has the potential to shine our light wherever we go just by standing in our beauty and living our gifts.

One is enough. Two is amazing. AND more…well, we might just change the planet.

Shine on.

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