AND Choose Wonder

August 20th, 2017

Again this week, I was struck by the power of one single monarch butterfly to issue the invitation to get out of my head and any heavy thoughts and follow the beauty and wonder of this tiny gift in our world. The feeling of glee that comes from joining in the butterfly’s freedom and dance is magical. Children know this.

The child’s wonder and awe connect us with the beauty and joy that exist in our world. They don’t usually make the evening news, although reporting on wonder would do more good for our world than what we report on today. AND we all have access to states of wonder and awe.

Like flowers in a garden, the state of wonder and awe requires sunshine and light, as well as water and nutrients, to grow. Wonder requires that we accept the invitation to experience the beauty and shift our focus to experience what is wondrous in our world.

When I see the singular butterfly or dragonfly, I am immediately drawn to pause whatever I had been doing or thinking. I am invited to follow the insect’s movements, graceful flight, and playful dance. And invariably, I am transformed into a state of joy and wonder that I choose to then feed.

I imagine the appearance of the butterfly or dragonfly, and its ability to get my attention, as a magical invisible hand reaching out to me, its forefinger beckoning me to go towards it. The invitation to remember who I am and why I am alive is issued by the humblest of creatures. AND its power to entice and lure me to abandon thoughts about the past or the future and to join the miracle of the present is magnetic.

We live in times where it may sometimes be difficult to recognize what is true light and what is merely a distraction from our light. Paying attention to the things in our lives that make us smile, warm our hearts, and trigger love connect us with wonder. AND living in a state of wonder lifts us all up.

Choose wonder. And remember to nurture it so it will grow.

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