AND Plug into What Is Life Giving

June 11th, 2017

The greatest gift and contribution any of us might make in a lifetime requires each of us to become the highest version of who we can be AND to invest our thoughts, intentions, and energy in what is life giving. While this may sound a bit like motherhood and apple pie on one hand and out of reach on the other, I believe it is exactly the invitation before each of us every moment of every day. AND I further believe that saying yes to the call produces a life of impact, contribution, inner peace, and joy. AND the invitation is open to all, without exception.

What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that we must know what thoughts, dreams, conversations, people, and causes fill us up. What causes us to feel connected to inner joy? What makes us feel alive and filled with energy? The answer can be anything from the kind gesture and smile extended to all we meet all the way up to supporting world peace and beyond. Whatever puts a smile on your face, warms your heart, and gives you life is where to focus your energy.

Paying attention to what fills us up allows us to more consciously recognize when we need to pull the plug on the energy we are investing in thoughts and distractions that drain our life force. What activities, people, or thoughts rob you of your light? Dwelling on the past or fears about the future may be a good place to start. To the extent we invest our precious focus and energy on such distractions, we are not available to tap into what truly fills us up.

AND until we recognize that each one of us brings many gifts, can be a force for good in this world in any of a number of ways, and that doing so is the highest form of service and contribution, we will distract ourselves from living into our potential. We will not make space to think and consciously identify what is worthy of our energy. We will not make sure that we are filling ourselves with much needed sleep, exercise, and nutritious foods because we tell ourselves that we don’t have time or anything others need is more important that making sure that we are becoming the best we can be.

Every day we choose to follow our passions or our distractions. The former allows us to contribute in ways we might not have imagined, touch others in ways that change lives for the better, and live with strength and joy regardless of the circumstances in our lives. The latter erodes our health, causes us to be afraid, and wears us down.

Leading a life means choosing to be our best and prioritizing what it takes to unplug our energy, time, and talent from activities, thoughts, and people that drain us. AND it means actively plugging our energy into what is life giving because that is a constant source of joy that allows us to live into our potential with greater ease.

AND it is the greatest gift we could give a world that desperately needs light, compassion, perspective, and insight. It’s time to prioritize a fill up with what is life giving…for your own good and the good of the planet. It matters.

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