AND Celebrate Dads Everywhere

June 18th, 2017

He’s been a dad for over six decades, nearly two thirds of his life. The little boy who rode on the handlebars of his older brother’s bike to get rations during WWII to feed the family, the young man who played and coached baseball, himself pitching a no hitter, the veteran who served in the army during WWII, the firefighter who saved many lives and was a leader in making and fixing toys for children at Christmas, became a dad who worked three jobs to provide for his wife and three daughters.

He’s the man who could not take my telephone call one day because he was on the floor having a tea party with his two year old granddaughter. And he’s the same man who took his grandson with him to fix things on his workbench and learn how to use the tools. He taught his own kids to be thankful for all we had, help others when we could, and find the humor in life. And we were always relieved when Mom told us, after misbehaving, to wait until Dad got home from work for our punishment because we knew he could never keep a straight face. We would get him laughing and that was the end of punishment.

The same man guided neighborhood kids and helped another to aspire to and eventually go to college. He has always made his family his first priority and derived great pleasure from the love shared, family meals, and accomplishments of his kids. In every stage of his life, the man we call Dad has lived with humility, worked hard, and given whatever he had to help us and others to live our dreams.

The lessons of a dad, a guide, teacher, mentor, and friend, can shape the lives of all he touches. Some men today are serving as dads for those whose fathers are not there or unavailable. They show up as coaches, employers, colleagues, and neighborhood elders and they stand for the values that help others stand strong and step into the path that is theirs to follow.

Today my Dad continues to celebrate life, laugh easily, find the joy in special moments shared, and give people hugs wherever he goes. His social calendar is booked weeks in advance. AND he continues to support his kids, guide younger people, reach out to those suffering loss, and celebrate with friends and family.

For those who shepherd, guide, love, and support the next generation in standing strong and living into their possibilities, Happy Father’s Day and thank you.

To my own Dad, you are the best, and I am thankful every day that you are my Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

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