AND Thank You Mom

May 14th, 2017

Just one Sunday in May to recognize the role of Mom played by women at home, at work, and in virtually every context we can imagine.

Just one full day to pause, prioritize Mom, and acknowledge the sacrifice, love, and challenges she faced when she said yes to serving as Mom.

Just three small letters M-O-M, containing a world of emotion, expectation, and memories.

Our times are desperate for the feminine values of inclusion, deep listening, compassion, and the capacity to hold the long view while dealing with whatever life presents in the moment. AND although the role of mother has been defined by society, religions, and media, each woman, who chooses to serve as a mom, brings her own gifts, perspectives and expectations.

Whatever our experience of Mom, whoever has played that role for us, and wherever she physically resides today, she holds a prominent place in our hearts…and deservedly so.

The question Mother’s Day poses for me is:

How do we recognize every day, all year, and always the sacrifices, the dreams—lost or realized, and the gifts of those who serve our world today, have served in the past, and will serve in the future, by saying yes to serving as Mom?

It is for each of us to recognize that Mom need not fulfill the criteria of sainthood to be worthy of our gratitude for whatever role she has played in each of our lives and whatever role she and her gifts play today.

In a world that could use more light and love, how about celebrating the mothers in this world with a deeply felt thank you? And just maybe, we could practice the same every day?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world…and thank you.

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