AND Bring Your Inner Sunshine to the World

May 21st, 2017

All week long, as I talked with clients on this coast or the other, I could hear the smiles in their voices. No matter how crazy their worlds, how fearful they are about their organization or bigger political and social issues, they were smiling. Why? Because for the first time in awhile, the sun was out and the temperatures were warmer than they have been for most of the spring.

Think about it! If one day of sunshine can change a life view, produce a level of hope and optimism in a world of hurt, just imagine what a smile, warm greeting, or hug could do to the hopefulness and optimism of people feeling burdened by illness, or less than generous political decisions, corporate behaviors, or family dynamics…every day.

What I love about sunshine is remembering that it is always there, shining its light. We may not be positioned to see it because the earth has turned its back and it is dark outside, or any of a number of clouds blocks our connection. In the same way that old beliefs, judgments of others, or false labels are clouds to seeing the brilliance in others, we are challenged to remember that our light is still burning inside. If we are not warmed and reassured by its light, it is because we have chosen to invest in the darker thought clouds that block its brilliance.

I think of sunshine as I think of personal joy. It is something we can always access because it something we carry within us. Unlike happiness, joy is not a response to our circumstances. Joy is a state of being, activated by a choice to find our joy wherever we choose to invest our precious life force. One unjustly imprisoned man described joy as something no one could ever take from him, and as something he tapped into every day to source how he responded to whatever happened. He made it a point to bring his joy to interactions with prison guards every day for thirty years to improve their day.

We all have different gifts. There is great need in our world for whatever light we are willing to bring. Imagine how we could change the world by choosing to carry our personal sunshine through every interaction of every day. AND then let’s see how much light there is in our world…for everyone who chooses to see it!

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