AND Behold the Beauty of the Moment

May 7th, 2017

Our worlds are always unfolding moment by moment. In our busyness, we often miss the moments because we are so distracted by the voices in our heads yammering at us. Yet, when we consciously choose to breathe and pause to see what is going on in any given moment, we make ourselves present to receive the gift of that moment.

One evening last week, while washing the dishes at the kitchen sink, I peeked out the window to see a gorgeous rainbow emerging through the clouds, lingering over the horizon and appearing to hide behind the ocean where it met the sky. Leaving the windows when the colors faded, I retreated to the living room.

Not long thereafter, the light seemed almost golden and very unusual for dusk. Again I went to the windows. This time there was a double rainbow. As the moments passed, the rainbow grew in clarity and vibrancy, and created a beautiful arc over the ocean. AND just as quickly as the rainbow appeared, it was gone.

AND I was reminded, yet again, of the miracles that occur in our world in any given moment, and of the power they have to connect us with a sense of wonder and gratitude that fill us with all that is good. Even in a world struggling at times to reflect light, we are dazzled by the awesome wonders that nature provides us. AND we only need to stop our busyness for a moment to be filled with the light and beauty that happen, when we pause to behold the beauty of the moment.

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