AND Rise Up

April 16th, 2017

Easter is a holiday celebrated by people of the Christian faith worldwide. The spirit of the holiday is about rising up, going beyond the world of suffering and carnage, in order to shine light that might guide its people to do the same. Without too much attachment to the religious reference of the holy day, people of any faith, including faith in life itself, can recognize the call to rise above behaviors and ethics in this world that do not feed our oneness and humanity.

The call to rise up occurs in our daily lives in any of a number of ways. We are only asked to answer and act on that call. Plenty of acts of nastiness and violence occur in our world. Many more acts of kindness and love occur daily, although they are not what we report on in the news, because they are not news.

By definition, news is about the exceptions, therefore newsworthy. AND kindness, though arguably worthy of much more of our attention and energy, is more pervasive in both big and small ways in our world. The danger of being pervasive is the danger of becoming invisible, taken for granted. AND that is often what happens to the hundreds and thousands of acts of kindness occurring every day.

The value for human kindness, rising above the temptations to act with violence, act with retribution, or put others down in order to make ourselves feel bigger, is what propels us to rise above those distractions and channel our life force for good. This is not some mother-and-apple pie-notion. It is practical and within the reach of all who seek to live the principles of kindness, shared humanity, and inclusion.

This season on the Christian calendar coincides with the Jewish faith’s Passover, and myriad other religions’ invitation to discover and live our light as one people. Now is a time to choose to rise into the best of who we can be and to do so in a way that invites others to do the same. Imagine the light that will shine around the world when we spiral above the nastiness, recognize the illusion of seeing others as competition for resources, and celebrate rising into our individual and collective light. It is up to each of us to choose to rise up.

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