AND Look to Nature for Insight

April 23rd, 2017

On a walk past the marsh last week, I could see the beautiful blue heron, as it blended in with the colors of early spring. The grasses are still more brown than green in the marsh and everything is only slightly more colorful than a painting done in sepia ink. Yet with conscious focus, I could make out the majestic profile of the heron against the distant sky.

AND I found myself wondering what this wonderful bird had to teach. The lesson of blending in with surroundings, not standing out while still standing strong seemed a worthy insight from this beautiful bird. Often associated with unconventional logic, since its structure might suggest this bird would have difficulty flying, the blue heron is, indeed, a magnificent sight when it spreads its wings and flies. Yet, it blends in so well with the colors of its habitat, it is free to roam about without much fanfare.

AND then there are the three or four little birds with bright red heads and splashes of color on their breast, the finches that perch each morning on my railings. Later in the day, they can be found on the telephone wires above the road. Their bright color splashed across an otherwise drab little body lights up my day, a reminder to show up in our full colors to greet each day, never knowing how much we might just brighten the lives of others we encounter.

AND finally, there are the songbirds perched in the trees and on the wires. They offer their song with no demands to all who would listen. They are a beautiful reminder to be still and listen for the gentle beauty of the sounds of nature that are always present. AND they are also a reminder to share our own song, the beauty of our voice, to connect with our communities and families.

So many gifts! We need only be present to receive them all and reflect on what insights they might offer for living into our beauty and light…clearly something the world needs these days. AND something we are each capable of offering.

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