AND Each Light Has a Role in Lighting the Way

April 30th, 2017

The fog was dense. Trees looked like shadows, vaguely outlined against the thick soupy background. I noticed that the thick fog caused me to drive more slowly and pay more attention to the space immediately in front of the car, since I could not see far ahead of me on the road.

In that moment, I was struck by how life can sometimes be like driving through fog. The headlights are not really much use for navigating in fog. Fog lights, which focus on the pavement immediately ahead, offer the needed clarity to continue, as they light the road just ahead…much like moving forward in life one step at a time.

Sometimes when life seems uncertain, or life takes sudden turns, we may feel like the long view has been blurred or blocked entirely. Whatever is immediately in front of us takes all of our attention, in order to navigate through the fog until the path becomes clear.

Focusing on the next step only causes us to notice the present more, to be distracted less by other things in our visual field because there aren’t any. AND that’s just as well because we need our full attention to navigate safely through the fog. Sometimes not moving at all is the only wise decision, since the path forward, and any potholes in it, cannot be seen.

As we navigate by focusing on each step, using the equivalent of fog lights, the role of others’ headlights becomes clearer. Although headlights may not be the best for moving ourselves forward, others’ lights signal how close or distant they may be. We are alerted to the presence of others on the road, which lets us know better where the road is, and that navigating around others will be necessary to get where we are headed safely.

In these times, when the road forward may seem foggy, and the turns and potholes may be hidden, we can help others find their way by turning on our lights and shining brightly to show them where the road forward is. AND as we navigate our own way forward, our attentive focus on each step, one at a time, provides the fog lights needed to move safely and wisely through unfamiliar territory.

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