AND Attune to the Rhythm of Nature

April 9th, 2017

Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote in her book, Gift from the Sea, that the ocean teaches patience, constancy, and faith. In our crazy and turbulent times, a little patience, constancy and faith might be just what the doctor ordered.

No matter what crazy tweets, news reports, or political agendas fill the media, the ocean continues its rhythm of ebb and flow. Each new wave moves towards the shore. Each undertow returns the water back to its source, after it has deposited its treasures on the sand.

Beachgoers, who have slowed the pace of their lives to align with the pace and breath of nature recognize the rocks, shells, and seaweed for the treasures they are and often pause to pick up a memento to take home as reminders of a quieter, natural rhythm of life. Each treasure is recognizes as temporary, something the tide may take back on its next visit, and the time to pause is now, while they lay open on the shore.

The ocean’s tides predictably arrive every hour of every day. The constancy of the ocean provides a kind of grounding in nature that reminds us that nothing in nature really stands still. Life moves. It has its own rhythm, despite our crazed attempts to control it and fit it into neat packages that fit our crazy pace. The pace of nature breathes. AND we would do well to learn from it how to do the same.

Patience is recognizing and appreciating that there is a natural rhythm at work. Faith means that we trust it will reveal itself to us in whatever form or lesson best supports our journey. AND it strikes that people who give their energy to driving and pushing their way through life have challenges with both patience and faith.

Watching the ocean for a moment, an hour, a day, or a lifetime is a gift. If we will breathe in its rhythm and attune our own breath to the breath of nature, we will also receive the grounding of constancy, appreciation of nature’s rhythms, and trust that all is well when we are not so attached to trying to control what is nature’s to control.

AND all that brings a lot of peace and perspective. All that is asked of us to receive these gifts is faith…faith that making the space in our lives to reconnect with nature will grace us with a deeper connection of who we are here to be and what it takes to get there. Namaste.

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