AND Add a Little Madness for Fun

April 2nd, 2017

March Madness is a term used to describe the crazy pace of tournament games for collegiate basketball, both men’s and women’s. And as a fan of Connecticut women’s basketball, I have been enjoying the frenzy of games, complete with anticipation, excitement at the possibility of new records and success for talented and hardworking athletes, and thoroughly enjoying the insights into the people behind the athletic accomplishments. The whole thing is just plain fun!

What I am noticing is my willingness to schedule my life around the games, whenever possible. I consider such willingness to be a testimony of something I have always believed…and that is that there is enough time in life for the things we truly value and desire. Perceived lack of time and money are only the excuses for not living our dreams and enjoying life. Attachment to how we want the world to unfold may be the limiter, and that is entirely self-created and self-maintained by our attachment to how things happen, otherwise known as the world of shoulds.

At any rate, the invitation that March Madness offers each of us is to add a little madness to our lives, to make the space for the outrageous, self-indulgent, self-fulfilling sources of pure entertainment and delight. Making space for such activities restores our perspective, awakens us from the doldrums, and expands our senses.

We show up as happier, more engaged, and healthier human beings when we make space for a little fun in our lives. AND we are much more fun for others to be around, as well! So, this month, what will you choose to add a little madness for fun to your routine?

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