AND Sing Your Song

March 12th, 2017

One recent chilly morning, I looked out the window to find four of my favorite little birds sitting on the deck rails singing. Oblivious to the lingering winter that periodically dumps the big storm and then vanishes, these little birds took their place on the railings and caused me to smile and stop what I was doing.

Their red heads and pinkish-red breasts add color to an otherwise unremarkable grey plumage. AND their song is just beautiful. No matter what thoughts or worries about shoulda, coulda, and woulda beens might have been in my mind, I was pulled back to the present. AND in that moment I celebrated with gratitude for the humble little finches that chose to grace me with their presence.

In our media-bombarded lives, connecting with beauty and nature is the antidote to worry and discouragement. Nature shows up, whether we do or not. AND nature is real, unlike the virtual reality happening in our heads where we concoct all sorts of worries about things that may never happen or cannot be changed.

Maya Angelou once said that a bird does not sing because it has something to say. It sings because it has a song. What is the song each of us sings to bring more beauty to our world? Whatever it is, it is most definitely welcome today.

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