AND Rise to the Occasion

March 5th, 2017

I was thinking of the expression rise to the occasion recently. Watching contestants on The Voice give the best they have, pouring their dreams into their performances, and listening to them declare the music profession to be their ultimate dream caused me to think about what we mean by the phrase rise to the occasion.

It is easy to get buried in the moment of overwhelming workloads or immediate personal pain, whether emotional or physical. The moment can be overwhelming, as we tell ourselves a story about our pain or troubles, and then look for immediate consolation or relief. As powerful as the pain of any given situation may be, and as powerful as the desire of immediate relief in whatever form is available, we are also invited to rise above the pain by asking ourselves and what else is true?

AND the what else is true is the reminder that our dreams are bigger than the pain of a moment. If we can acknowledge what we experience at a given point in time, feel it, respect what it causes us to be aware of AND rise above it, we tap into our strength and reconnect with our light. It takes conscious choice. And it takes constant reminders to shift focus to the vision we have for our lives and who we want to be in every situation.

The power of rising to an occasion is the power that athletes tap into when they play past pain to achieve a team or personal goal. If every setback in life could also be seen as an invitation to remember our dreams and keep choosing them, we would tap into tremendous resilience, unknown strength, and creativity, as we learn how to persevere and live beyond the limitations experienced during difficult times.

The measure of healthy organisms is resilience. It is the ability to place ourselves or find ourselves in situations that test our resolve to live into our dreams and our highest selves AND rise above. Whenever we remember to rise into who we want to be and find the strength to make those dreams a reality, we become healthier and we rise.

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