AND Find the Courage to Pursue Your Dreams

March 19th, 2017

I have spoken with several women, in the past weeks, who have either left or are in the process of leaving big jobs. All of them are primary breadwinners. Some have been at their companies for more than a decade. All talked about the pain of leaving unrealized dreams at their companies.

I have also talked with many who are underpaid, passed over for promotions after making major contributions, and working more hours than their health will support. AND as I reflect on the dreams and dilemmas, the words courage and devotion keep appearing.

Courage is from the French coeur, meaning heart. The willingness to live life from the heart often requires courage…courage to separate others’ dreams for you from your own, courage to separate social convention and peer pressures to honestly hear the wisdom of your heart, and willingness to follow the wisdom of your heart wherever it leads.

Some of the women have wrestled with their decisions over a period of time. They created the space to listen to what they want in their lives, what is most important to them, where they want to contribute, and then looked around honestly and asked whether their dreams and potential would be realized if they stayed where they were.

Devotion becomes important once you look at what you want and what is truly possible or likely (and at what cost) in your current circumstances. Some people are devoted to a story in their heads, often unrelated to what is actually happening in their lives (usually referred to as illusion or denial). Some develop an identity that is not separate from the companies or organizations where they work (ego).

AND still others who make the space to listen to their hearts are devoted to living into their potential…even if that means challenging the status quo. No more excuses. No more stories to deny the voice of their heart. To live our dreams means to listen compassionately to the voice of our hearts and then devote our energies to living into those dreams…however that happens.

The beauty of all of this is that it is a pathway open to all and we only need to be devoted to the wisdom of our hearts to lead the way in order to find the courage to live into our potential. AND that decision could change not only our lives, but also the lives of those we touch.

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