AND Fill Up Your Heart

March 26th, 2017

If you pause to notice the pace at which life seems to whiz by these days, it is really quite remarkable. Our lives are scheduled almost continuously, especially if we don’t consciously pause to ask whether the activities we are choosing to engage are the ones we truly choose to invest our energy in.

Sometimes the choice is to not do something. Other times, it may be to do something very different. And still other times, the choice may be to do what we tell ourselves needs to be done only to do it differently, in a way that is more nurturing of our hearts. Women have a tendency to do too much, without thinking about or pausing to check whether our choices are causing us to be running on empty. One conscious choice to do something that puts a smile on our face and in our hearts can sustain any amount of tasks otherwise associated with the roles we play…boss, mom, employee, friend, and so on.

Last week, while on a work assignment, I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with friends. Wonderful food and even more wonderful conversation filled us all with new thoughts, smiles, reflections, and questions. An especially intriguing art exhibit energized a whole group of us. It’s not only the physical body that needs nourishment and TLC. Our hearts and souls do, too.

It is much easier to let outside negativity wash over us like waves and not take any of it in when we are emotionally filled up, rather than when we feel empty or depleted. A great art show, sunrise, walk outside, or moments with a newspaper or good book and a cup of coffee can restore the smile in our hearts and strengthen our focus. When we feel full and nourished, we are much more likely to face whatever challenges await us with detachment and creativity, because we are more likely to choose how we want to show up and how much energy to give any of a number of possible distractions in our days.

So, this week, when you look at getting the things on your innumerable lists done, pause before you start on the tasks in order to fill up your heart first AND feel the natural nurturance and nourishment that strengthen and refresh you when your heart is full. The fill-ups may well be the most important items on any list of activities awaiting our attention.

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