AND Trust Your Direct Experience

February 26th, 2017

A week after shoveling snow and finding the plow had piled it way over my head, I looked outside to find a beautiful blue, cloudless sky. The weather reports were for temperatures in the high 40’s and low 50’s F, which I took to be quite mild for winter. My car registered 55 degrees F. So I decided to go for a walk.

Based on outside guidance, I abandoned my winter jacket for a lighter fall jacket over a wool sweater. I wore no hat or mittens. AND when I walked, I was cold! The air was cold. My hands were cold. I buttoned my jacket to the top and turned my collar up. I walked more briskly. AND still I was chilled.

I quickly realized that my direct experience of the temperature was much cooler than the temperatures might have suggested it would be. Had I walked outside to feel the air first, I would have dressed differently. What the outside measures and a rational mind indicated would be appropriate dress did not match what I experienced when I started walking.

The whole experience got me thinking about how easily we detach from what we know and what we experience and look outside for guidance to tell us what to do. Diverting our trust to outside measures without verifying our thinking against our own inner guidance or experience often leaves us confused, disappointed, willing to blame others for our choices, and myriad other reactions…none of which is particularly helpful.

If we would let go of labels and expectations, we would be left to experience situations and people directly, in the moment. AND on the basis of our direct experience, I venture to suggest that we might draw different conclusions and make different choices that would make life simpler, truer to the best in us, and far more enjoyable.

Expectations fail us, and they are of our own making. We can change all that when we choose to make each new experience an opportunity to experience something new directly, without expectations, and respond with whatever feels right and true for the person we want to be in that moment. AND that might just change our experience of our world for the better. AND we might just recognize truth in its purest form. AND wouldn’t that make our decisions making process easier!

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