AND Stop for a Moment

February 19th, 2017

Two different streams of thought from two wildly different sources came together for me. In one case, during the course of a conversation with a client, I was struck by her description of a group of people who “have more money than time.”

The description brought me back to how we choose to invest our precious life force. In the willingness to work hard and do well, we may get caught in seductive thinking that causes us to lose touch with how much is enough. And when we do, we unwittingly delegate the activities of maintaining our lives to others.

Now while there is no inherent problem with having others wash our cars, clean our homes, landscape our lawns, paint our houses, shovel our snow and the like, I am struck by how much we lose touch with physical activities that are a part of the lives we choose for ourselves. And the ability to delegate these things usually takes money.

In the pursuit of more titles and more money, we often forget the joy of gardening, shoveling snow, or painting a room in our homes. When we do, what we lose are moments. And from where I sit, moments hold the magic and beauty of a whole lifetime in their precious appearance.

The other source of inspiration was yet another snowstorm, the fourth this week. I love to shovel the snow, as long as it isn’t too heavy for me to lift. I had gone out early and tried to lift the snow and it was indeed prohibitively heavy. Yet, I got creative and kept finding ways to lift and throw it without injuring my back or shoulders. I also stopped the heavy lifting when the guys arrived with a snow-blower to remove the snow for me, and shifted to clearing the ice. Doing so allowed me to be outside in the quiet of a new snowfall.

As I got in the car to run a quick errand, the stark beauty of the white wonderland was stunning, breathtakingly stunning. I slowed the car and continued to look at the silvery branches of the pine trees against the pale grey sky over the marsh. In moments of overwhelming beauty, I find that time stops. All of the future and past, and all thoughts, collapse in the completeness of the moment. AND the scenery in front of me presented one such moment.

The beauty of magical moments provides us with momentary fill-ups that remind us what is truly important in life. We are invited to be there in the moment so that we can be filled by the beauty. AND I find myself wondering if people who run on schedules where they feel that they have no time ever get to behold the majesty of the moment. It requires no money, no titles, no powerful connections…only our consciously undivided attention and open heart. AND those are only a choice away for everybody, when we stop for a moment.

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