AND Invest Your Energy Well

February 5th, 2017

I came across the following quote by Mary Schmich last week that says,

Families are ecosystems. Each life grows in response to the lives around it.

As I was reflecting on what is going on in our country in terms of leadership decisions at the federal and local levels and in our large corporations, this quote took on more importance. Families refers to more than our biological families. It may help to think more broadly of the term, as it also refers to colleagues at work, neighbors in our communities, and more extended networks.

Each of us is our own CEO, Chief Energy Officer. It is our job and our job alone to choose where, when, and how to invest our life force, our time, energy, and talents. As we find ourselves in contexts that don’t match our values or ways of treating people, each of us is invited to consciously choose whether to keep investing in those people, companies, and situations that do not have a good return on our investment or courageously invest elsewhere.

Are you growing into more of the person you want to be, based on how you are responding to what life brings you? Do you find yourself spending your precious energy in anger and frustration, and fighting battles that you cannot win, or are you investing in life-giving work, thoughts, and relationships?

We do not control what happens in life. We do control how we respond, otherwise known as how we invest our time and energy. Are you following your passions or your distractions? Are you listening to your inner voice for guidance or responding to fears triggered by the actions or words of others?

We live in times that demand our light, if we want to create and live in a world that supports the best and highest people we can be. The decision to be one of the lights that shows the way is an individual decision. Every person gets to choose to stay or go, invest or not, in certain people or practices. AND for each of us who is touched by that person will respond in some way that either helps us to grow into more of who we want to be or not. The consciousness of our response predicts how we will grow and who we become.

Each of us is in the position to soar, have our energy returned tenfold, live dreams that we never thought possible and grow into the best of who we can be. How are you responding to what is unfolding in your life? AND are you investing your precious light, energy, and gifts well? We all benefit when each of us invests well because we are all connected.

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