AND Feed the World Some Love

February 12th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to send flowers, chocolate, and make time to let others know you love them. For that matter, any day is a good time to let others know that you love them. (I would also vote for the chocolate being sent every day.)

The beauty of love is that all of us have it encoded in our hearts. The question is whether we will feed the love instead of the fear. Will we stop our routines to love and serve the vulnerable and rejected? Will we feed the hungry and overlooked members of our communities? Will we choose to celebrate the pure love in the face of each new baby, and remember that that is who we once were?

It’s Valentine’s Day this week. Will you send love? The world needs a little. AND love is within the reach of the humblest. It only takes disconnecting from fear to plug our energy into the innate wisdom of our hearts and souls. AND when we do, the armor we wear each day to compete with others, play power games, and make ourselves feel important all become little more that the scripts of children performing roles.

AND we remember that we are all one, that every person is worthy of love and that love is the antidote to whatever ails the planet.

Here’s to a Happy Valentine’s Day…every day

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