AND Light the Way to Dreams for 2017

January 1st, 2017

As we welcome the New Year, we say goodbye to the one we leave behind. The year we leave behind becomes the foundation on which to build our dreams for the incoming year.

For me, 2016 highlighted the need for listening and seeking to understand different approaches and points of view in our world. The divisiveness and pure nastiness in our own country became more evident through a particularly ugly political process. At the same time, there were acts of kindness and generosity that occurred throughout the year, all of them worthy of reflection and celebration.

As a foundation or context for 2017, what we saw and learned during the events of 2016 become the invitation to each of us to clarify the world we want to build and the world we choose to build in 2017. If each of us looks to our dreams with a sense of possibility and hopefulness, while acknowledging where we are today, we will discover how to grow into the person, community, country, and planet we choose and we will know where and how to focus our energies to get there.

Perhaps more will respond with courage to make the world of those suffering bitterly a bit more compassionate and welcoming. Perhaps we will discover ways to create communities and neighborhoods that celebrate the wisdom of all their citizens. There are many ways we might focus our considerable talents and insights. AND all of those that are worthy of our precious life force will involve shining our light.

Rather than getting stuck in old wounds, negative judgments, and anger, we have the opportunity to stand on the precipice of doing something great with all we have learned in the past year. AND we live in times where every single light makes a difference.

So, as we welcome in the New Year, may we choose to individually and collectively shine our lights in ways that will allow all of us to bring the highest and best of who we can be to wherever our hearts may lead us.

Here’s to a New Year filled with Light and Love, Happy New Year!

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