AND Honor the Man

January 29th, 2017

This week I want to pause to introduce you to a man I honor and celebrate. He is a man who lives from his heart. He has helped countless numbers of people in all kinds of ways, and he continues to look for the best in people, no matter the circumstances.

He is a wise man, who loves nature and its beauty. He is at home in his garden and may need to be reminded that the sun has set and he needs to leave the yard and garden for the next day, when it is light again.

He hasn’t used his oven since his wife passed away, instead preferring to store small bags of chips in it, as treats for neighborhood kids. He makes homemade soup, having taught himself to cook. AND he doesn’t make one quart. He makes six or seven or more to share with neighbors.

He saves favorite birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day cards, and thank you notes for years, just in case there comes a time when he is less busy and has a chance to reread them. His daughter tends to remove them, when cleaning out old papers. He just shrugs and enjoys the ones that arrive the next time.

He doesn’t miss a chance to go to shows or out to dinner with friends, regardless of rain, sleet, ice or snow. He is just as happy to pick them up in his car, as he is to accept the offer of a ride. He loves the chance to share a meal, story, or song with friends.

He is baffled by the kindness, love, and caring attention of neighbors and friends. He can’t make it out the door in a snowstorm with a shovel in his hand before a neighbor from one direction or another runs to his house, redirects him inside and shovels his driveway and walkway for him.

After fifty-two years of service to a local credit union, he was honored last week when they baked a cake made of many cupcakes and named a boardroom after him. The entire expression of love and gratitude overwhelmed him. He doesn’t understand why he is treated so special.

Humility is a gift when it is accompanied by genuine generosity and a desire to help others in need. This wonderful man gives away plants and trees he grows to others who want them for their property. He happily shares the fruits of his garden. In past days, he was the one shoveling his neighbors’ roofs in a snowstorm or plowing their driveways with his snow-blower. He worked holidays so that the younger firefighters could spend Christmas mornings with their children.

He whistles or hums constantly and has done so for his entire life. He laughs easily and often. AND the women at church wait for their hugs each Sunday morning.

I have been blessed to call this wonderful man my Dad and I am grateful to celebrate and thank him for the man he is, the man he has been, and the teacher he continues to be.

Happy 90th Birthday, Dad

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