AND Find Your Way to Shine Your Light

January 8th, 2017

As I was looking at the stars that shone over the marsh, I was struck by how each one sparkled and seemed to dance in the night sky. Each one took its unique place in the constellations that lit the sky. AND each one brought a unique light. AND the quiet of the night lit by these individual lights was both heartwarming and breathtaking.

This is a year for each of us to choose to shine our unique light. When the sky is dark, each light becomes more pronounced, more special. Each light is a gift that does its part to illuminate what is beautiful around us in our world. AND in some cases, each light will provide enough light to inspire hope and illuminate the way for those whose lights are not yet turned on.

A simple smile extended to a stranger, a warm greeting of welcome, holding the door for someone carrying bundles…whatever the gesture, each is a small light that can make another’s day. AND a small gesture, a small light, may just be enough to bring light and hope to another’s day.

Just as each star brings its own light and shows up in its unique place, each of us has a place in the constellation of people who inhabit this planet. AND each of us can make a difference by simply showing up, taking our place, and shining whatever light is ours to shine. Just imagine how much light will shine upon this earth, when each of us makes the choice to show up and shine our own unique light.

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