AND Pause to Reconnect With Pure Light

December 4th, 2016

In this busy season of gift exchange and decorative lights, blow-up Santas and snowmen, we are offered the opportunity to tune into a quieter and more powerful gift of the season. To do so requires that we choose to tune out both inner and outer distractions, as well as commercial pulls that fill our daily lives. It requires that we pause to appreciate a deeper beauty and a purer light…one that is always on, even if we do not know to find and nourish it.

Emily Dickinson wrote a poem that begins

Beauty—be not caused—It is

Chase it, and it ceases—

Chase it not, and it abides

The reminder that beauty exists already, that we do not cause it to be, is the reminder to each of us, especially in this busy season, to create the space to be quiet. Find the quiet moment to appreciate the candle in the window, wreath on the door, singing of carolers, and stillness of the night. AND in pausing to behold beauty, receive the gift that is always there.

The magic and beauty that await us in life, if we will only turn off the media and pause quietly, are more precious than all the gifts we could buy. Beauty just is. We need only pause to perceive, notice, and behold its presence.

AND when we do, we connect with the joy, light, and peace that transcend all the human-imposed craziness of the season.

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