AND Listen to the Whisper

November 27th, 2016

So often in life we are graced with signals to help us remember where to focus our energy to enjoy our lives more and live into the highest and best of who we can be. Sometimes it’s the words in a piece of music that are exactly what we need at the time to shift from anger or frustration to laughter and eventually calm.

I was sitting in traffic on my way home for dinner a week ago. A trip that ordinarily takes twenty-five minutes took over two hours. It turns out there were fatalities in two accidents father up the road. The backup was over six miles.

The oldies station I had on the radio played songs like What the world needs now is love, sweet love. I began to laugh, as I sang along, at the songs that kept showing up to calm me down.

Sometimes, it’s animals that cross our path and either change our original route, timing, or otherwise send us a signal to notice what we might learn from the animal. Again, I was in the car, driving over country roads, when I noticed the car in my lane up ahead was stopped. Then I noticed the car coming towards me was stopped.

When I got closer, I found at least seven turkeys deciding whether and when to cross the road. AND there was nothing we could do but wait for them. So we all waited. AND I noticed the woman in the car ahead of me just laughing. I laughed, too. AND I reminded myself that to do anything other than laugh would make me the turkey!

So many individual whispers in our path remind us to wake up and be present. Expectations about how we thought things would or should happen are continuously shattered, simply because we are not in control of what happens in life. We only get to control how we respond.

I find myself reflecting on the many whispers designed to remind us to live from the heart and not the head, to be kind to others, to live from compassion and not see others as threats to what we either have or want, and to live from abundance, knowing that there is plenty for all in this world, if we are not tied to how we expect life to unfold.

So if you would like to live with more ease and joy, try listening to the whispers. That way you won’t have to wait for the kick in the pants or more serious forms of dis-ease to get your attention. The whispers are much more fun.

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