AND Welcome What Comes

October 2nd, 2016

It’s that time of year again when one season attempts to hold on, even as it is replaced by a new one. Such a great reminder to us not to resist what shows up in our lives. The warm summer sun is still high in the sky and the beachgoers continue to come to the beach to capture those last warm rays.

Even as the temperatures chill in the evening and early morning, some people arrive with their tents, jackets, and blankets, determined to soak up what remains of the season that is departing. I personally love the invitation of the crisp fall air to breathe in the refreshing newness of the season.

The shore birds gather and linger by the water, before the next season takes hold. I love that the seasons arrive like the tides, predictably showing up and yet showing up in ways that are not quite fully predictable. It is more fall than summer this week. Who knows whether summer will try to issue one last gasp before fading behind the cooler temperatures next week?

The seasons of our lives also arrive generally on schedule. We are invited to recognize what we have completed and allow those things, prominent at one point, to fade as others take their place. Our ability to fully live into the potential and gifts of each new season is tied to our ability to greet the flow of life with awe and wonder, letting go of what has passed with ease and no resisting or trying to control what happens next.

There may not be much vibrant color on the trees this year. The summer drought has robbed the trees of the much needed water to dress in their finest reds, oranges, and gold. AND yet, the leaves will still turn from the vibrant greens to shades of rust and gold. Just as last year’s fall colors were among the most vibrant in recent years, this year’s leaves will tell the story of a new fall and the different circumstances encountered this year.

Each season is unique. AND we are invited to delight in and welcome whatever comes. It is a time of welcoming the new and gently, gratefully releasing the old.

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