AND Action

October 16th, 2016

In these crazy times when so many things may feel upside down, I find myself thinking about the directives used in filmmaking… Lights! Camera! Action! And I wonder whether they might be helpful with our daily choices in living into the best of who we can be, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Lights comes first. What if we take it to mean, stand in your own light? No ducking out, no shrinking, no hiding behind others who act on our behalf. We have always heard that “actions speak louder than words.” Maybe it is time to really look closely at the actions we take AND the actions we avoid. Regardless of what we tell ourselves we believe or are committed to, our actions are the only true reflection of those beliefs and values. Are the actions you choose in a world crying out for integrity, clarity, compassion, and courage, actions that reflect the light you bring when you feel good about who you are? Are these the actions that call you to step into your light and shine fearlessly? The next directive is, Camera. If you were to ask yourself whether the action you are contemplating taking or not taking would be the same whether you were being filmed or not, would your action change? Are you choosing to live into your very best so much so that you are prepared to be misunderstood or judged for your actions because you are acting in alignment with your deepest values? That’s the measure of integrity. Imagine what we might create together if we lived less from a staged, selfie-kind of culture into one of reflective and conscious action.

The last directive, now that you are standing in your light and have assessed your considered choice to act or not, is what action will you take. Action is an act of will. It is less about ability than willingness because if we are willing to act in ways that shine our light, we are choosing to have faith that doing so is enough. We are standing for what we hold dear, without fear of consequence. AND when we act from the highest of who we are here to be, fear is left behind, kindness and compassion become a natural outgrowth, and impact is greater than we know.

Save the words and arguments. Now is the time for light AND Action.

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