AND Try Another Angle

September 4th, 2016

As I was walking on the road by the marsh, the winds were really strong. I found them to be comforting and refreshing. At the same time, kayakers paddling on the river were facing a challenge. Those same winds, that made walking more pleasurable, were less favorable for those paddling in the current.

I also noticed that the tide had come in and the beach shrank, as the waters crept farther inland. People crowded into a smaller patch of beach until the tides would shift. At the same time, the kayakers were reveling in moving waters, fed by the incoming high tide, able to paddle in the waters that would disappear when the tide goes out.

AND I found myself noticing how the exact same circumstances could be seen as disfavoring one activity, at the same time as they favor another. As the summer season winds down and schools start again, some people will celebrate the coming of fall while others lament that the summer isn’t longer.

We create the joy or pain in our circumstances by how we label and respond to whatever presents itself. Our expectations, along with our conscious or unconscious desires, become the filter through which we perceive any set of circumstances. What looks like a loss from one angle can be seen as a gift or blessing from another. The circumstances don’t change.

We are the ones who can change how we experience what happens in life, by being open to what shows up and letting go of expectations about how life unfolds. If one angle doesn’t offer a great view, consider moving to another.

AND the good news is that we have full control over shifting our perspective to view circumstances in a new way.

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