AND Focus on One

September 25th, 2016

I wonder whether we understand what we miss in life when we are so caught up in productivity and results that we miss the power of the individual thought, smile, sunset, or whatever. What would it take for us to make the space in our lives at least once a day to notice one of something?

While walking the beach this week, a single dragonfly fluttered around me and my colleague. When we stopped to notice, the dragonfly actually lit on her scarf and stayed there for a long enough period of time for us to really study this amazing blue insect. It sat less than eight inches from her face. We both had the opportunity to observe the insect’s color, eyes, and droplets of moisture on its wings before it took off.

As we continued on the beach, the dragonfly seemed to follow. We paused again. And again, it lit on my colleague’s scarf. The moment seemed to stand still. The sheer beauty and magic of the dragonfly filled us both with awe and wonder. AND because we stopped our conversation and our walk, and focused on what was happening in the moment, we were gifted with something that put wide smiles on our faces and in our hearts.

Just one bug. Just one moment. No plan. No desired results.

A second example showed up in the form of a challenging jigsaw puzzle I began on summer vacation. With all of the clearly defined parts of the puzzle complete, I was faced with at least half of the puzzle remaining being shades of one color. Having only shades of one color left meant that I would have to either abandon the puzzle or change my entire approach because multiple shades of the same color could appear in several places on the puzzle.

Initially I found the task of completing the puzzle overwhelming. It was testing my sense of fun. So, I paused. Instead of focusing on completing the puzzle, I have been intrigued by trying to discern the fit of a singular piece of puzzle and the multiple places it could be placed. I am accomplishing very little in terms of finishing the puzzle quickly. AND I am learning a lot about reframing what the puzzle can teach me.

I am appreciating each piece. I look carefully at small clues in the individual shape. I celebrate each piece that fits perfectly where it belongs. One puzzle piece at a time. The intricacy of the puzzle stops being daunting and the individual pieces become more of a curiosity. I laugh each time I either test the same piece where I had tested it before, or I think I have the perfect piece and it doesn’t fit.

Our ability to live in wonder and awe depends on our ability to be present enough to reframe our unconscious focus on results and productivity into a focus on fully experiencing the uniqueness of each moment and whatever fills it. We benefit when we pause long enough to hear one request, see one smile, or touch one heart and trust that what is encoded in one moment fully experienced is more powerful, more energizing, and more essential to reconnecting us to the magic of our lives than checking boxes of tasks completed.

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