AND Cherish the Gifts

September 18th, 2016

My Dad came to visit me for vacation. AND I was continually struck by the magic of moments shared, the beauty of the sunrise, a walk on the beach, and many more moments that remind me what a gift he is in my life.

Each moment stands out like an individual shell on the beach. No two moments were alike. The shared moments of silence were as special as any specific conversation or event.

Good friends visited and brought their own gifts, again in shared conversations, great homemade food, and laughter. Each one was special in its own way.

Making the space in our lives for quiet moments, shared moments, moments where we connect with the beauty of nature and the people who touch our lives is a gift we give ourselves. AND by extension, the gift we give ourselves by making space in our otherwise hectic lives and paying attention to what happens in that space changes our outlook.

AND that refreshed outlook, filled with moments that we recognize as gifts, reaches far beyond us to the people we touch every day. Pausing the crazy pace to create a space for life to unfold, in whatever ways it naturally does, allows us to notice what we miss in our daily busyness. AND just being aware of what we miss in our busyness is a gift in itself.

The beauty is that life is always unfolding. We only need to pause and refocus on the gift of whatever life presents in any given moment to truly receive the gift.

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